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Who We Are

With more than a decade of experience in carrier-grade VoIP, Saftel has unparalleled expertise in IP interconnects for high quality international voice termination services. Carriers can quickly implement direct IP interconnects to the Saftel global network for highly efficient, high-quality worldwide call termination. Carriers benefit from the most competitive rates and operational costs of VoIP and can leverage Saftel’s operational expertise. Saftel offers the best of both worlds – the highest level of quality and guaranteed features over the most efficient interconnection technology. All Saftel Telecom voice products are accessible via IP interconnects, including our Premium Voice service, which guarantees CLI, roaming, fax.

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The leaders in the prepaid calling industry offering a wide range of products
37 International Top Up Products, 235 Countries for International Voice, 30+ US Wireless Products
Terminate calls worldwide with assured quality through our extensive IP & TDM network
Prepaid GSM, Wirless Service, Unlimited Talk & Text, Unlimited MMS & Data


How we make it work for you:

Premium Voice

Designed to complete any call coming in with high quality voice and call completion, the product is designed to provide high ASR and guaranteed CLI. Dedicated to completing calls via selected Tier1 networks only we offer TDM like quality on our IP Network.

Standard Voice

A blend of quality and price this product is based on providing standard FAS Free call completion with high voice quality standards at competitive market rates. Based on proven Bilateral and major Tier2 interconnects the focus is to be a reliable LCR partner.

Wholesale Voice

Dedicated to providing the most competitive rates out there SAFTEL is dedicated to creating a robust Non cli product platform with it’s in country investments and partners. SAFTEL engineer’s work 24/7 to make sure the operational capability of this product remains at 100%.


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